We are excited to announce Idaho Beach Volleyball at Eagle Tennis Club!  We are launching with 11 Summer sessions for kids aged 10-18.  With three levels of play and a beautiful setting at ETC your kids will learn the sport of beach volleyball and love it forever.  Scroll down for details and to see our flyer.

Email: idahobeachvolleyball@gmail.com IG: @idahobeachvolleyball

About Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball is the fastest growing sport in NCAA history.  With close to 1000 full ride scholarships up for grabs and the incredible boost it produces for your indoor game, beach volleyball should be part of any serious players development path.

Rookie (8am-9am)
  •  Brand new to volleyball! (No experience required)
  • $100/week (June 1-4 is $80/4 days)
Junior Elite (10:30am-12:30am)
  • Varsity Volleyball (required)
  • $200/week
Juniors (9am-10:30am)
  • JV volleyball or
  • 2 years club indoor volleyball
  • $150/week
Private Lessons
  • 1.5 Hours @ $100
  • Lessons can be split with other players