ETC Fitness Classes and Programs

Eagle Tennis Club offers a wide range of classes and programs for both members and guests. All of our fitness classes are included with membership. The instructors are amazing. You’ll love the energy and enthusiasm they bring to your workouts. We offer unique classes such as Barre Above, SHiNE Dance, Core:30, and TABATA!

Barre Above

Barre Above fuses the very best of pilates, yoga, aerobics, and strength training. You don’t need to worry about dance experience. Barre Above is barre for all bodies! Classes include modifications for any fitness level, so you can feel successful while achieving an amazing workout that will lengthen, strengthen, and tone your body.

SHiNE Dance

Escape to our 1-hour dance fitness class, tap into your youthful spirit, and dance like no one is watching! See you on the dance floor!


Let’s work out the pains of the week and prepare your body for the weekend! Foam roller massage and deep stretching will help relieve tight muscles and let your body recover for that next game! Foam rolling is also called myofascial release and is designed to work out the “knots” in your muscles. Addressing these knots can have a positive effect on your future workouts.


It’s four minutes of high-intensity training, alternating between 20 seconds of max training followed by a 10-second rest for a total of eight rounds. These workouts are fast-paced and fun and burn up tons of calories. In this workout, we bring you 4-5 sets of Tabata, plus a little warm up and cool down.