I love Tennis - Ten steps to Seucceed - life tennis - Eagle Tennis Club Blog

1. Love yourself

Self-confidence is something that needs to be built up in the sport of tennis, as well as in all aspects of life. Finding a true love for yourself is the key to happiness and joy. Relying on and loving our very own personalities, accomplishments, and actions helps us be better prepared for life and tennis. Having strong self-confidence allows us to not beat up on ourselves and always try our best even if we are not winning. Fall in love with yourself and the way you live your life. Now that’s winning.

2. Mental Health

Tennis and life are mental games of positions, strategy and skill. Keeping a positive and optimistic mindset will help you keep a clear head and you’ll be able to play the game more attentively and with less frustration. Good mental health plays a big role in tennis. Try not to get lost in the frustration of your mistakes and become optimistic for the great shots and chances you have coming later on in the match.

3. Brain Power

Tennis is a game of strategy. You need to create your game plan in order to succeed. What do you do best? What steps should you take in order to win? What was done wrong and how can you improve? Answering these questions will set you up a game plan. Always use your strengths, plan steps to achieve your goals, strengthen your weaknesses, and shoot your shots.

4. Stay Committed

Life requires commitment and so does tennis. In order to prepare yourself in a match, or even in life, one must have planned and executed steps to succeed. Every point in tennis is crucial to the overall outcome of the game. If you want to win and succeed you must practice, develop new skills, and correct old mistakes. Stay motivated and don’t just practice until perfect. Practice until you can’t ever get it wrong again.

5. Change of Plans?

What happens when your plan fails? You analyze your mistakes and then plan again. Try something differently this time. Mistakes are amazing. You are able to see the errors that have been made and grow stronger by correcting them in the future. “It’s not how we make mistakes, but how correct them that defines us.”

6. Motivate yourself

Motivation is the key to success. Let’s become extremely motivated now.  Let’s plan those clinics, attend more practices, perfect our errors, and prepare ourselves for anything. Productivity and motivation will bring many victories, but it is you who will have to implement the work that must be done in order to succeed. You have to want it.

7. Take a breather

Allow yourself some time to relax as well. You may become tired and burnt out, this is the time for you to take a break and relax.  Keep your head in the clear and stay motivated. During your set breaks, or even just walking back to the base line to serve, stay calm and focus in on the goals you have in place for this match. Don’t let chaos or stress influence your plan to succeed.

8. Calling the shots

In tennis empires and judges are rare. You and your opponent will be calling the shots. This is where honesty and responsibility come in to play. You must learn to have the upmost respect for yourself as well as your opponent. Play honestly and have fun. You are responsible for staying true to yourself and the game. Being honest about line calls will keep you with a clear conscience and show off your integrity as a player, teammate and opponent.

9. Let’s be more social

Let’s be more social. The social aspect of tennis and life helps us gain great friendships, teammates, and partners. We must be able to communicate well with ourselves and our teammates in order to succeed. Good communication skills and cooperation will bring more opportunities and strengthen our team as a whole. Together we can do so much.

10. Are you a sportsman?

Be respectful towards your opponents and partners in tennis and in this life. Always be a positive influence, good role model, and keep an optimistic attitude. This will help you keep in good mental health as well as encouraging others to do the same. Want to be kind hearted, encouraging, and productive? The ball is in your court, so shoot your shot.